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Where is the Juno Spacecraft right now?

The app above shows the trajectory of the Juno Spacecraft and where it is right now. You can also wind the animation backwards in time to watch its launch and its flyby of the Earth before entering Jupiter Orbit in 2016, and crashing into Jupiter at the end of its mission in 2018.

Juno is now in orbit about Jupiter

Juno Spacecraft (Artists Impression)

Juno Flight Path

Juno was launched on the 5th of August, 2011, and entered into orbit about Jupiter on July 4th 2016 and will study the planet until February 2018 when it will de-orbit and crash into Jupiter.

Juno's mission is intended to improve our understanding of the solar system's beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of Jupiter. Specifically, Juno will…

What's so special about Juno?

Juno is only the second proble to orbit Jupiter (Galileo being the first) and gets in much closer to Jupiter. Its 14 day polar orbit is highly elliptical with the probe passing very close to the planet at its nearest approach, and skimming only 4300km above the planets cloud surface. This means that it passes through Jupiter’s intense magnetosphere which has radiation levels that would fry most electronics (or people if they could get there) very quickly. Juno's sensitive electronics are armoured within 1 cm thick titanium walls which will help to reduce the radiation significantly.

It only has to endure the radiation at closest approach (some 2-3 hours at a go) but will spend most of its orbit further out in a more benign environment. However some of its sensors are not expected to last the entire 37 orbit mission.

Juno Timeline

The major features of Juno's flightpath are listed here:

Manoeuvre Date
Earth, Launch 5 August 2011
Earth, Flyby speed boost October 2013
Jupiter, Orbit Insertion 4 July 2016
37 Orbits of Jupiter
De-orbit into Jupiter February 2018

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