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A Geocentric View of the solar system

This page provides a different way of looking at the solar system. It is geocentric and shows where the Sun and all the planets (and the moon) are in the sky. It doesn't show the distances to the planets and so this version of the orrery does not have any of the usual orbit controls or centre object selector. However all other controls work as stated in the guide.

What’s so useful about a geocentric view?

Well the first thing you'll notice is that it's easy to see when there are conjunctions e.g. planets appear close together in the sky.

The second thing is that the planets are always shown in the correct zodiac signs. With the standard orrery, if the orbits were not set to be realistic, then the planets would not be shown in the correct sign.

So in summary, this view is much more useful if you just want to know where the planets are (or were or will be) in the sky rather than where they and the earth are in the solar system.