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Save Planet Earth. Stop Wars Now!

The Planets Today argues to STOP ALL WARS NOW whatever the cost. Allowing conflicts to continue could be the effective end of humanity as climate change is allowed to run out of control.

With the planet undergoing a mass extinction and with climate change going on unabated, now is the time to stop all major wars and divert the huge resources of military production into protecting the planet and its climate.

The planets today calls for extreme effort to be made in stopping the current ongoing senseless wars. The Russian war on Ukraine could perhaps be stopped by forcing Russia to negotiate by threatening European military action to push the Russians out. The war on Gaza could be halted by the US allowing a cease fire and stopping weapons deliveries. The UN could then do it's job to save lives and begin the negotiations for peace. The brutal civil war in Sudan is mostly ignored by the western media and governments since it has little impact on world commerce or oil supply. An international effort needs to be brought to bear to condemn and sanction the warring leaders and create an international embargo on supply of weapons.

After the two world wars nations got together to form the UN in an attempt to prevent future wars. The backbone of the UN was for nations to agree to uphold international law and treaties on human rights. Almost all major wars since have been due to nations with security council vetoes (or close allies with veto rights) deciding to ignore or bend international law for whatever reason. The simple truth is that the world would be a much safer place if all nations simply complied with the laws and treaties they signed, and attempted to sort out their conflicts within the UN rather than going to war.


The effects of this war on the world have been enormous affecting almost every person on the planet. Food shortages and energy prices have affected everyone with the poorest suffering the most.

One can understand in the first few months of this war that many nations were scared of an escalation and so western nations decided to supply weapons but do nothing else. For the past year and a half it has been clear that the Russians and Western backed Ukrainians are equally matched resulting in a bloody stalemate that is going to continue until the US pulls the plug on aid and Russia takes the country.

In order to bring this conflict to an end either Ukraine needs to give up the stolen territory (probably resulting in loosing all territory as Russia is likely to attack again in the future) or the Russians need to be persuaded to leave. It would appear that the only way to achieve the latter is if European nations are willing to fight for European freedom and commit to using its air power (and possibly boots on the ground) to support Ukrainian forces. If it was made clear that a European "special military operation" was limited to attacking Russian units within Ukraine (and possibly plus a small margin into Russia) and if it was combined with serious peace negotiations before and during the European offensive, then surely the war could be brought to a close. Although Putin seems unlikely to retreat in any circumstance, Russian generals just might think that the fighting in Ukraine has been a costly waste of time and might be happy to go home.

The current western approach of pouring money into Ukraine and waiting for a miracle victory is getting nowhere with the only foreseeable result is that Russia "wins" the war through attrition. The world would then be plunged into a new continual cold (rather than hot we hope) war in which we are all the poorer.



Previously this page tried to explain reasons why the US and Israel need to abide by international law and the treaties they signed. However the situation in Gaza has reached breaking point and it has become clear that the world is watching a genocide take place and doing nothing to prevent it.

Less than 100 years ago Nazi Germany inflicted the Holocaust on the Jewish (and other) people of Europe. Perhaps the high point of that century was that Russia, the USA and the UK stood up to fascism and defeated that evil regime. This was perhaps the US military's finest moment - protecting the world from a fascist and genocidal regime.

Today the US, UK (and Germany) are 100% in favour of committing genocide on the citizens of Gaza. The memory of the sacrifices made by all the allied servicemen who served in WWII are not only forgotten by today’s leaders, but actively being being mired by the active support in this genocide.

(Note: 6th June 2004, Today world leaders meet in Normandy to remember the 4,500 dead on D-Day in 1944. Our leaders will make it clear that the reason so many died was to defeat the Nazi regime so that we could all live in freedom. They will fail to mention that victory for the allies resulted in waves of ethnic cleansing for the Palestinian people. They will also fail to point out the hypocrisy of making sacrifices to defeat a racist and genocidal regime whilst at the same time supporting another one.)

In the space of less than 100 years, the nations who defeated Nazi Germany are now actively engaged in a new Holocaust, supporting a fascist force that are bombing, shooting and starving millions of people to death. It would seem that the Nazi's doctrine of collective punishment and genocide has been wholly endorsed by the Israeli and US governments.

The most shocking thing is that the people who have for millennia suffered the most from racism and persecution, and who should understand the rhetoric used by racists to dehumanise ones neighbours, should have fallen for the same racist rhetoric themselves.

The US says it wants Israel to protect civilians, but after months and months of being ignored by Israel, it still keeps saying the same thing as more and more people are killed. In order to prop up it's PR, the US is now dropping a few supplies from the air - perhaps one truck load's worth every day when perhaps 1000 truck loads are now needed to stop starvation. All the while it also delivers bombs and ammunition to the Israeli forces in huge quantities.

Almost all speeches by genocide supporting governments begin by stating, rightly, that the Hamas attack of October 7th was terrible. They then state that it's important that even more terrible war crimes are needed to make things right. They have used the October 7th event as an excuse to throw all the rules and morals of a civilised society out the window and engage in the worst humanitarian crime of this century.

This war can cease tomorrow if the US decides to abide by it's obligations to the UN and stop supplying weapons and aid to a government that is committing genocide.

Unfortunately Americans love a strong leader, and strong leaders always go to war rather than make peace. Strong leaders always leave it to following leaders to try and clear up the knock on effects. Whatever happens, the military industrial machine always wins.


Israel is now losing support for it's war. Even the US is starting to use harsh words (whilst continuing to deliver bombs and aircraft). Israel is becoming more emboldened in its attacks on Iranian commanders in Lebanon and Syria. It would seem that Israel is now relying on a tactic of trying to provoke Iran into an action that will result in a full scale US - Iran war. The US needs to stop this conflict now since the alternative could be a middle east conflict that further destabilises the world for decades to come.

The deaths of 5 foreign aide workers has caused US/UK leaders to display shock and anger at the event and call for a full investigation. These same leaders apparently do not think that 30,000 Palestinian deaths (and around 70,000 injured) deserve any consideration let alone any investigation. They are happy to continue to provide weapons to be used indiscriminately by the IDF that have proven over and over again that they have no regard for human rights or international law.

[6/6/2004: The US is going to sanction members (and their families) on the the ICJ because it doesn't like arrest warrants being served on suspected war criminals whom the US supports. (The US also sanctioned members of the ICC when it tried to investigate, not prosecute, possible US war crimes in Iraq.) Disagreeing with the ICJ is of course expected (since the US doesn't recognise it), but physically attacking it's members is a direct attack on international law and a rules based world order. Without the ICC and ICJ, most of the international treaties signed by most UN nations can be binned, since there is no body that can adjudicate on whether those treaties are being abided by. In short the US appears to be attacking the UN and all it stands for.]

The end of the UN?

The UN has been completely ignored and sidelined by all as it calls for peace and humanitarian aid. International conventions written over the past 100 years to prevent war and protect citizens have been ignored, causing and allowing wars to continue. With the US and its friends, deeming the ICJ to be irrelevant on the small matter of genocide, it would appear that everything the UN has strived for is becoming defunct.

The Planet?

With rulings by the UN being ignored, it probably means that we are entering a new age where all nations will consider UN treaties as no longer binding. Nations will go there own way and all the environmental treaties that are trying to protect the planet will in effect become worthless. Nations will follow their individual goals limited only by their military might or financial power. It would appear with so many nations eager for war and others scrabbling to exploit the last fossil fuel resources, the prospects for the planets health are bleaker than ever before.