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Save Planet Earth. Stop Wars Now!

The Planets Today argues to STOP ALL WARS NOW whatever the cost. Allowing conflicts to continue could be the effective end of humanity as climate change is allowed to run out of control.

With the planet undergoing a mass extinction and with climate change going on unabated, now is the time to stop all major wars and divert the huge resources of military production into protecting the planet and its climate.

When this page was first written (just after October 7th 2023) it was a call for logic to be applied to stop two ongoing conflicts (Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine). Part of the logic was to apply international law and for nations to recognised and apply human rights treaties. It called for European nations to begin a special military operation against Russian units in Ukraine, and thus give Russia a reason to negotiate a peace, and for a ceasefire in Israel, since the mounting death toll of innocents can only result in more violence. Sadly, it is clear most world leaders support war.

The world appears to have taken a step into the abyss with most nations seemingly happy to standby whilst slaughter takes place in Gaza and an endless state of war is allowed to continue in Ukraine. Despite the ongoing spin on all sides, it is clear that today’s politicians consider genocide as an acceptable policy in order to solve some geopolitical problems. It is undeniable that Gaza is systematically being made uninhabitable with the aim of ethnic cleansing, and it's clear that the West Bank will be next.

International conventions written over the past 100 years to prevent war and protect citizens are now being completely ignored and should be considered worthless. Politicians do not care about Israel’s attacks on medical workers, journalists, schools and hospitals, or of starving millions of people, or of using illegal weapons such as phosphorus. When treaties like the Geneva convention are ignored, then current agreements on climate and the environment are surely worthless.

The UN has been completely ignored and sidelined by all as it calls for peace and humanitarian aid. Security council veto’s ensure that the war will not end until the genocide is complete. The hypocrisy and racism of western nations has been displayed more vividly than at any time in the last 70 years.

At a time when humanity needs to pull together to fight climate change, the current world order supports war, hate and genocide and turns it's back on the protocols designed to bring peace, dignity and prosperity to all.