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A video showing the motion of the planets of our Solar System 2025

This video shows where the planets and dwarf planets are throughout 2025. This video allows visitors to see the positions of the planets at any time during the year by stopping the animation at the appropriate time.

Where planets are glowing it shows that they are in retrograde - i.e. they appear to be moving backwards from their normal motion (in relation to the stars) when viewed from the earth.

This view is simplified in that the orbits are not shown to scale. This is because if the orbits were to scale it would be hard to see the planets clearly because the inner planets are bunched up really close to the sun when compared to the widely spread outer planets. This also means that the planets are not necessarily shown in the correct zodiac sign. Only the Sun and moon are always shown in the correct sign. To see a video showing which sign each planet is in click here.

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Planet Zodiac Positions Video 2025